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Complete Re-Roof-What can you expect?

  • Remove any existing shingles to expose wood decking.
  • Check decking for any damages, deterioration or water penetration. Replace if needed to prevent further damage and protect interior of home.
  • Lay weather barrier products to protect any vulnerable areas-valleys, skylights, etc. (This is extremely important for areas that experience extreme weather conditions.)
  • Apply felt underlayment for an extra layer of protection to roof decking and therefore the interior of the home along with valuables inside.
  • Begin shingling with starter shingles around the eave of the roof-this helps protect against wind and water damage.
  • Add layer of shingles to entire roof (Choose your type and color by clicking on the Owens Corning Design Eye Q link on our home page.)
  • Add roof vents to the ridge of the roof the provide further ventilation.
  • Finally, add hip and ridge shingles to add the finished look to your roof.


The complete roofing process can take anywhere from 2-3 days depending on the size of the roof and weather conditions.