Roof Repairs

Spending a small amount of money to fix minor damage will save you more money in the long run and save you from having to prematurely replace your entire roof before it has reached it’s maximum life span. The most difficult aspect of repairs is locating the specific area(s) of damage. There are several things that can cause minor damage or leaks in an otherwise great roof, such as lack of maintenance, weathering due to hail, heavy rain, and air pollutants, wind, improper design (weak structure, low slope, not enough drain areas, and roofing materials that just don’t work well together), flashing and/or drip edge failure, and extra equipment added to the roof.

Get minor roof damage fixed quickly and efficiently the moment you notice it. As amazing as roofing materials have become, they still aren’t made to withstand hurricane/tornado force winds or debris. Great roofing systems can also have damage from wind-uplift force over the years. Wind-uplift force is when a lower pressure system outside of the home is pushing down against the higher pressure system inside the home. By far the most vulnerable and easiest area to repair is the flashing area of a roof. So get these areas fixed quickly for your benefit. Unnecessary equipment (flag poles, signs, satellite dishes, etc.) not only cause leaks and damage, but they cancel any manufacturer or workmanship warranty provided. It’s best to find a different area to place these things around your home or business.

Annual inspections (or inspections after strong winds or storms) will decrease the need to replace the roof before it has reached it’s maximum life span and save you money in the long run. Berryman Roofing will inspect any roofing system we provide to customers on a yearly basis to help maintain the life of the roof and all of it’s elements. We also provide emergency repairs to all of our customers.